The ESNcard is a promotional offer for all exchange students who plan to enjoy their time abroad to their fullest. More information can be found on .





Why you should get it: The ESNcard allows you to access multiple discounts on for a whole year!

We have partnerships with various organisations, including Hostelling International, Logitech and Ryanair* (*conditions apply).

Also, while you’re in Hamburg ESNcard holders get a discount for almost all our events. If you plan to attend our excursion to Flensburg, the Ratsherrn Brewery or our trip to Heidepark you should definitely consider it.


Who can get it: Every Student who is currently doing or going to do an international exchange or an international ERASMUS internship and every team member of ESN is eligible for an ESNcard.

How to get it: You can purchase an ESNcard from us if you’re enrolled in a Hamburg university or a university in the surrounding area. Please check on which section is the closest to you! You can still buy it for 10 € and you can get it

1) at one of our events starting March/April for the summer term and October for the winter term
2) at the TUHH AStA Office during their opening times ***CARDS are available again***


Be advised: We no longer ship ESNcards via letter (no exceptions). 


However, we need you to confirm your status as an exchange student at your university. A (digital) copy of your learning agreement or any other official document that proves your mobility status is sufficient.

Your information will not be passed onto third parties and only be used for authentication within the ESN organisation.

For option 1 and 2 please bring a copy of your LA (or similar document).

If there are any more questions don't hesitate to contact us!

Your ESN-HH Team