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We are travelling to Lübeck on Sunday! 
Lübeck is one of the oldest and most well preserved cities in north Germany and around the Christmas time the city is just magical!
ESN offers their own free city tour for this event so make sure to join!

After we arrive you have the choice to either start exploring the city by yourself or join the free city tour in English provided by Daisy (~1 hour).

We are meeting at 14:30 at the central train station in front of the Hamburg Tourist information in the north terminal - look out for Daisy with her Santa hat and the ESN flag :) 

Make sure to be on time because we will need to purchase tickets! 
The HVV semester ticket covers our journey until Reinfeld so for the remaining distance we will have to buy 1-day group tickets for 22,20 € for up to five students. . 

We'll be taking the train at 15:04 on Platform 6A-C and arrive at 15:48 ;) 

e.g. if you are going to travel in a 5 person group your travel expenses for both journeys will be a total of 4,44 €. 
5-person group: 4,44 €
4-person group: 5,55 €
3-person group: 7,40 €
For individual travel and 2-person groups: 9,60 € (single tickets for 4,80 € for each journey Reinfeld (Horst) - Lübeck; Lübeck - Reinfeld (Holst) ) 

Groups will be created at the meeting point. You will have to leave with the same group you arrived with or buy an additional individual return ticket for 4,80 € at the Lübeck train station. 

Regarding the return: Possible trains to take you back to Hamburg are departing at Lübeck train station every hour at 18:08; 19:08; 20:08, 21:08; 22:08.

Again, please make sure to be at the meeting point at 14:30! 

See you soon! 

Sunday, 17 December, 2017 - 14:30