The concept of the Buddy Program is quite easy: Students from Hamburg (Mentors) help incoming students (Buddys / Mentorees) in their first couple of weeks with. e.g. finding the closest supermarket, getting a German SIM card, finding the admissions office at their university,....

It's a great way to make new friends and work on your language skills!  

If you want to be a Buddy please click here!

If you want to be a Mentor and help exchange students please click here!


Advantages as Buddy (Mentoree):

  • We'll provide you with a student from Hamburg as your first contact in Germany

  • You get to know German students

  • You get information about what to do next and many tips

  • You get an experienced student from Hamburg to tell you how to survive 


Advantages as Mentor:

  • You get to know new and interesting exchange students

  •  You get to know another culture

  • You can improve your language skills

  • It's always great to have some friends abroad who you can visit 

  • You can work on your karma by helping others ;)


Please fill out the form correctly - you should get a short message that everything worked.

Normally we arrange the buddy program 1-2 month before the beginning of the semester. But in some cases we need some time to find a mentor/mentoree for you. Even if we don't find anybody for you, we will contact you.

Monday, 31 July, 2017 to Saturday, 30 September, 2017