Corona - everything you need to know in Hamburg

Hi guys, 

as you know by now, due to the restrictions because of the COVID-19 outbreak, our physical events had to be canceled until further notice. Still, we do not have a complete lockdown in Hamburg with total restrictions social contacts. Everything you need to know abou the current restrictions you can find on the official Webiste of the city of Hamburg: Here you find a link to a multilingual Q&A about Hamburg's Corona lwas and restrictions.

To stay updated on your university feed, please make sure to read your university emails!
The offical channels can also be found here: 
A good source for German news are the online platforms of multiple German newspapers such as Frankfurter Allgemeine, Die Zeit, Die Welt, Der Spiegel. Also, our national television news channel ARD and ZDF are well researched sources.   

*last updated 04th June*