Sportscard & CO


If you are a student you can get the sportscard for just 50€ (70 € for erasmus students; but we are working on getting this price down to 50) each semester. It offers you 200 different courses. So you can find something which you will like best or you can try new stuff.

Besides you can get the fitnesscard for 40€ each month. It allows you to use all the training tool in the different gyms. In addtion there is also the swimcard.

There is one gym on the campus in Harburg and also some in the city centre. The one in Harburg is right next to the campus suite. If you want to try the sportscard before. That's no problem. In the first two weeks of ervery semester you can try it out for free!


bicycle tour

Here you have two oppotunities:

In the city there are a lot of the city bikes/Stadtrad where you can register. It is for free for the first 30 minutes and then you have to pay something for every minute.

But you can also find a cheap bike on ebay kleinanzeigen . Some of them are almost broken, some of them are in a really good condition. Prices for a good and cheap bike will vary between 30 and 60 €. In the summer the students in Harburg are often going by bike to a lake called Pulvermühle. It's about 30 minutes away from Harburg. And it's really nice to take a nice swim in the refreshing water after a day full of studies.



Hochschulsport offers every tuesday evening a trip to the alpincenter Wittenburg from november until march.

It costs 19€ and includes:

bus ride, entrance to the center (arriving time till 23 o'clock), needed equipment like shoes, snowboard/skis, ski sticks. If you want to change the equipment (skis to snowboard or the other way round) during your stay it's 5€ more.