The TUHH is one of Germany’s youngest and most successful universities. Plans for a university of technology in the Süderelbe area of Hamburg go back to the 1920s. Fifty years later, in 1978, the Hamburg University of Technology came into being, its mission to promote structural change in the region.                                      

Research activities began in 1980 and teaching in 1982/83. Now, the TUHH has around 100 professors and 1,150 employees (including 500 academic staff, inclusive of those with salaries from third-party funding). With around 5,000 students, this makes for an excellent staff-student ratio. There is plenty of space on campus for encounters and fruitful exchanges of ideas. The atmosphere is easy to describe – young, innovative, unconventional, original and creative, an ideal atmosphere for developing new ideas in engineering sciences.



You can find the current dates and legal holidays in the event calender of TUHH

Note that your exams are usually after the lecture period!

Academic Year:

Summer semester 2014: 1. April - 30. September 2014
Beginning of the lecture period: 1. April 2014
End of the lecture period: 12. July 2014
Pfingstholidays: 8. bis 15. June 2014

Winter semester 2014/2015: 1. October 2014 - 31. March 2015
Beginning of the lecture period: 13. October 2014
End of the lecture period: 31. January 2015
Christmas holidays: 21. December 2014 bis 4. January 2015

Summer semester 2015: 1. April - 30. September 2015
Beginning of the lecture period: 1. April 2015
End of the lecture period: 11. July 2015
Pfingstholidays: 24. bis 31. May 2015

Winter semester 2015/2016: 1. October 2015 - 31. March 2016
Beginning of the lecture period: 12. October 2015
End of the lecture period: 30. January 2016
Christmas holidays: 20. December 2015 bis 3. January 2016

Summer semester 2016: 1. April - 30. September 2016
Beginning of the lecture period: 4. April 2016
End of the lecture period: 16. July 2016
Pfingstholidays: 15. bis 22. May 2016


The Library has two floors, with several desks and some rooms for group work. You can get the most common books about science and nature and if you have a special wish, you can search in the catalogue and order the books, so the service will get it for you.

Mo - Fr :            8 am –  9 pm
Saturday:           8 am –  8 pm
Sunday:            10 am –  8 pm


The long Building across from the Audimax 1 is named Lindwurm (“Lindworm”). On the ground floor are the service offices like the International Office, Studienberatung, AstA, etc  located. On the 3rd floor you’ll find the computer pools , where you have acess to the internet. Also you can print out your lecture notes and papers there. 

PC – Pool:
Mo – Fr:  7.30 am – 9 pm (during semester break only till 6 pm)


At the Mensa they have 4 -5 different dishes everyday, soups, desserts, a salad bar and pasta/vegetables bar. The prices are very students friendly. Unfortunately the Mensa is most of the time really crowded, so it’s better to bring some time (for standing in line).

Mo - Fr :    11 am –  3 pm

Campus Suite

Next to the Audimax 1 you’ll find this coffee shop with different Coffee Specialities like Caramel Macchiato or Chocolate Mocca for moderate prices. You can also get freshly pressed juice and they offer food, like baguetts and ciabattas, cakes and muffins or fruits and salads, too.

Mo - Th :             7 am –  6.30 pm
Frieday:               7 am –  6 pm

Campus Shops

Here you can get everything you need for studying – pencils, paper and books. You can get buy some of the lecture notes here or the service will print it out for you.  And if you are in need of sugar and caffeine– get some ice cream or chocolate or a cup of coffee for only 60 cents!


The Kaserne is the new Main Building of the TUHH. On the first floor is a big room for group work, a Coffee dispenser and snack vending machines. On the second floor there are some smaller rooms for single groups.