If you search for the term Stammtisch in the internet, you will find that it is a "regular informal meeting in a tavern". But that just wouldn't suit our awesome "Deutschstammtisch"! Well, we do meet regularly and we do meet in a pub most of the time, but that's where the similarities with the traditional German Stammtisch ends. As many of us have been exchange students ourselves, we know that speaking another language isn't always easy, especially when it comes to colloquial expressions . Maybe you think your language skills aren't sufficient or you are afraid to make mistakes. At the Deutschstammtisch we want to help international students to improve their German. We, the ESN team and international students, speak German and talk about everything we are interested in. In case there are any questions concerning the language or anything else, the ESN Team is there to help!

Besides speaking German, having fun is, needless to say, the other priority of the evening. Usually we meet every two weeks at a bar close to the university, but we also organize barbecues or movie nights. Whether you are a new (or old) Erasmus student and would like to improve your German or simply meet nice people from all over the world, you are welcome to join us at our next Deutschstammtisch! Your German is already better than you think, so don't be afraid! We will inform you about the dates in our event calender