Everyone is invited.

Hi friends! Welcome to Hamburg!

We hope you're as keen to get to know each other as we are. That's why we decided to organize a meet-up for everyone who's already here in Hamburg this Saturday.
We're a group of students working for Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Hamburg and trying to let you have the best time of your life during your stay in Hamburg. Right now we're working hard to organize all the events for the upcoming semester and we will announce the full timetable as soon as everything is ready.

But since we don't want you to wait any longer we'd love to see many of you this Saturday.

Our plan is to meet up at 5 pm at "Michelwiese" in front of the church St. Michaelis:


There is a supermarket right next to it where you can buy ‘refreshments’. After some time we will slowly walk along the blue illuminated harbour giving you the chance to enjoy the booths, fun rides and the program on the stages of the Hamburg Cruise Days.

We will be heading to a spot where we can watch the huge cruise liner parade leaving the port accompanied by some impressive fireworks.
Later in the evening we will probably also go to one or two bars on the Kiez or even to a club (depending on your mood). 

Depending on the weather we might change the plan accordingly. But we will keep you updated here and in our official Whatsapp group:


Important: Please bring your own bottle in order to get ready for any party/bar hopping later in the evening! 

We're looking forward to meeting you this Saturday the 14.09.2019 at 5 pm.

Your ESN Hamburg team

Saturday, 14 September, 2019 - 17:00

Registration mandatory!




welcome to our ESN waterskiing event!

We've booked the entire skiing track for us exclusively and we're inviting everybody from total amateur to full-on pro waterskier to join us for the most refreshing ESN event in history!

Places are limited to 25 people - so hurry up and register right now under:

Once you've successfully registered for the event, you will receive an email asking you to transfer the participation fee to our account within 3 days - otherwise your place will be passed on to the people on the waiting list.

You get to choose between waterskiing and wakeboarding!
The participation fee amounts to 25€ if you're waterskiing (23€ for ESNcard-holders). Please transfer this fee to our account.
For wakeboarding you will as well be asked to transfer 25€ (23€) to our account and pay an additional 5€ in cash on site.

All the equipment is included. You only need a bathing suit, thongs and your ESNcard if you have one ;)

Looking forward to a great day with you
- Niklas & Dustin

Saturday, 6 July, 2019 - 09:00 to 12:00

Summer Time is BBQ Time!

Join us on sunday the 16/06 at 3pm to enjoy the sun and have some food and drinks together.
We'll provide the grill, some side dishes, plates, forks, knives, cups and everything we need for flunky ball! All you have to to is bring your favourite barbecue food and something to drink for yourselves. You can also bring something for everybody to share if you want!
You'll find us on the main lawn in the middle of the Stadtpark.
We will post the exact location in our WhatsApp group chat on the day of the event. You will also be able to recognise us by our ESN flag!
Please register here!
Sunday, 16 June, 2019 - 15:00

When was the last time you left really curious about something? If it was quite long, this is for you.

Here at ESN Hamburg, we want to take you to a guided tour through the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Germany's largest accelerator centre and a research centre of the Helmholtz Association. Be ready to get a glimpse into the world of fast particles and futuristic technologies in the field.

DESY's function is to conduct fundamental research. It specializes in particle accelerator, particle physics, and photon science. Researchers use the large-scale facilities at DESY to explore the microcosm in all its diversity – from the interactions of tiniest elementary particles to the behaviour of new types of nanomaterials to biomolecular processes that are essential to life. The accelerators and detectors that DESY develops and builds are unique tools for research.  The facilities generate the world’s most intense X-ray light, accelerate particles to record energies and totally open new windows into the universe.

DESY also is closely involved in major international projects such as the European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser, the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole and the International Linear Collider.

About the Tour

  • Start: 10:30 am
  • Total time: 2.5 to 3 hours
  • Language: English
  • Introductory lecture (about 45 minutes)
  • Tour around the DESY site in one or more groups (walking is necessary, partly outdoors). Models and exhibits further illustrate research at DESY.
  • Young physicists working at DESY for their diploma and Ph.D. thesis will hold the introductory lecture and guide the tour.
  • No special physics knowledge is required


Please note:  The visit is not allowed for persons with reduced mobility. There are lots of staircases and 1,5 kilometers uneven terrain to cope with.



Meeting place and time:

  • Friday, 7th June 2019 at 10:00 am
  • In front of the gatehouse at the main entrance to the DESY site, Notkestrasse 85, 22607 Hamburg





Participation is free of charge.


The number of seats are limited. First come first serve. So Please register here!


Registration is closed. If you still want to be on the waiting list, you can send still fill out the registration form and we will get back to you ONLY if there is vacant place.

Thanks for your understanding.


Friday, 7 June, 2019 - 10:00

Please REGISTER here:

Hey you lovely people, 

Did you ever want to touch the sky? Defy Gravity? Making that Slamdunk of a lifetime?
Join us on our trip to the JUMPHOUSE and lift off. The JUMPHOUSE offers a huge indoor area with trampolines, parkours, basketball courts etc. where you can simply jump around and have fun. Another plus, it will be the workout of your day and then you are ready to go to join us for some drinks afterwards. 
We got the special offer to jump around for 90 minutes including special jumping socks for 18€ (17€ with ESNCard). So be quick and register early since the capacity is limited. The registration closes on Thursday morning

We‘re going to meet at 18:30 in front of the
JUMP House Stellingen:
Kieler Straße 572

We are looking forward to jumping with you on Saturday. 
Your ESN HH team.

Saturday, 18 May, 2019 - 18:30
What's included: 

Registration online (mandatory):



Dear friends :)


the 'KIXX' is the largest Foosball location worldwide and we want to invite you to our ESN-Tournament. Doesn't matter whether you're an brutal amateur (one more reason to practice!) or an expert, there will be more than enough fun for everyone.


We will play with a professional tournament software, however teams will be mixed throughout the tournament. You'll automatically get in touch with the others!


Of course, you'll also have the opportunity to buy drinks there. The location is reserved for the whole evening, you can play as long as you want. The closest station is S Reeperbahn (exit Nobistor).


All facts:

Date: Saturday, 13th April

Time: 18:00

Meeting point: "KIXX" - Hamburg, Nobistor 38

Price: 5 €

Maximum number of participants: 40


We are happy to welcome you and expect a friendly and funny challenge!

-Your ESN-HH Team


PS: In case of absence or being late, please write a short message to our Facebook page. This makes it way easier for us to organise the event and invite new people from the waitlist :)

Saturday, 13 April, 2019 - 18:00

*** please register here ***


Who wants to get high?!

On April 20th we will go climbing in the Nordwandhalle in Wilhelmsburg. We will try out the amazing sport

of bouldering where you do interesting climbing problems without any security of a rope.

Don't worry though you only go 3,5 m high and there is a soft mattress underneath.

Afterwards we will have some beer and fresh stoneoven-pizza in the restaurant of the Nordwandhalle.

Meet us there at 19:00 at the Nordwandhalle. http://www.nordwandhalle.de

There are only 20 open spots so don't miss out and sign up here!

The price is 8 €/person. Please bring easy to move in clothes and suitable clean shoes. You can borrow a lock for your locker at the reception (or you can bring your own lock). If you need to borrow shoes, this will cost 4 €.  


See you soon, your ESN-Team

Thursday, 20 April, 2017 - 19:00

***Registration necessary - register here***


Hi guys,
welcome to the first ESN Brewery Tour event!

There is defenitively no better way in starting a Friday evening than by tasting some fresh German beers and learning something about the German culture at the same time! We've booked an english-speaking guided tour on Friday evening the 21st July at the RATSHERRN Brewery.

INCLUDED in our 60 minutes tour :
- overview of the 1000 years old Hamburger beer-history as well as the current craft beer-movement
- guided tour within the Ratsherrn brewery
- tasting of 3 beers  (freshly drawn and from the bottle)

Places are limited to 40 people - so hurry up and register right here!

Once you've successfully registered for the event, you will receive an email asking you to transfer the participation fee of 12,50€ (10€ for ESNcard-holders) to our bank account within 3 days - otherwise your place will be passed on to a person on the waiting list.

If you are transferring the money on the 19th July or later, then please send us a screenshot of the transaction from your online bank account as confirmation in response to our email. (We recommend using the “snipping tool” software for screenshots, so you can control which part of your screen will be shown and what not. Any screenshot will be treated confidentially!)

We’ll meet directly at the RATSHERRN Brewery entrance [Lagerstraße 30A, 20357 Hamburg] on Friday the 21st July at 19h30.
Please be there in time as it won’t be able to join us after the tour got started (20h00)!

The RATSHERRN Brewery is just a few walking minutes away from the U-Bahn or S-Bahn Station „Sternenschanze“.

DON’T forget to bring your ESN-card ;)

AFTER THE TOUR you are more than welcome to get some drinks with us in the Sternschanze and/or Reeperbahn – we’ll let you know J

Looking forward to a great evening with you
- Paramesh & Sébastien

Friday, 21 July, 2017 - 19:30

***Register here***

Hey chocolate lovers,

we want to get the taste and backgrounds of delicious chocolate.

Come and join our private tour through the chocolate museum “CHOCOVERSUM” in the heart of Hamburg. The spots are limited so please subscribe till 14.05.2017, 1 pm.

Date: 15.05.2017 at 4.30pm

Meeting point: 4.15pm in front of the main entrance of the chocolate museum (CHOCOVERSUM Schokoladen-Museum, Meßberg 1, 20095 Hamburg)

Price: 9 € (special-price), 6 € (with ESNCard you get the super-special-price)

For more information check the website: https://www.chocoversum.de/en/

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Your ESN-HH Team – Katharina and Banu


Monday, 15 May, 2017 - 16:15

Register here!

ESNters the City is the biggest and greatest social event of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Germany. Exchange students from all over the world presently studying in Germany come together to one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Dresden. We want to go with you! The event is organized by ESN Germany and has sold already more than 500 tickets. If you want to joint us, feel free to sign in:


24th to 26th of June
in total: 95€ (ESNcard holder), 99€ (Non-ESNcard holders)
Deadlines to pay 2 rates:
Payment of 1st rate of 1st 45€: 29/05/2016
Payment of 2nd rate of 2nd 44€(ESNcard holder 40€): 12/06/2016
Included in the price are:
* 2 Nights in a Hostel
* 2 x Breakfast
* bedclothes
* Welcome Bag
* ESNters the City Dresden T-Shirt
* ESN-Love and -Happiness :-)
as well as the costs for the program:
* organized journey with us from Hamburg ZOB to Dresden
* ESNters the City Opening Event
* Saxony dinner on Friday
* free entrance Party on Friday
* 3 hour City Rally through Dresden
* ESN Flag Parade through Dresden
* Free Entrance Party on Saturday
* Discover Rallye through Dresden's amazing inner city centre
* free entry to museums
* organized journey with us back Home to Hamburg


Friday, 24 June, 2016 to Sunday, 26 June, 2016