Hi friends! Welcome to Hamburg!

We hope you're as keen to get to know each other as we are. That's why we decided to organize a meet-up for everyone who's already here in Hamburg this Saturday.
We're a group of students working for Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Hamburg and trying to let you have the best time of your life during your stay in Hamburg. Right now we're working hard to organize all the events for the upcoming semester and we will announce the full timetable as soon as everything is ready.

But since we don't want you to wait any longer we'd love to see many of you this Saturday.

Our plan is to meet up at 5 pm at "Michelwiese" in front of the church St. Michaelis:


There is a supermarket right next to it where you can buy ‘refreshments’. After some time we will slowly walk along the blue illuminated harbour giving you the chance to enjoy the booths, fun rides and the program on the stages of the Hamburg Cruise Days.

We will be heading to a spot where we can watch the huge cruise liner parade leaving the port accompanied by some impressive fireworks.
Later in the evening we will probably also go to one or two bars on the Kiez or even to a club (depending on your mood). 

Depending on the weather we might change the plan accordingly. But we will keep you updated here and in our official Whatsapp group:


Important: Please bring your own bottle in order to get ready for any party/bar hopping later in the evening! 

We're looking forward to meeting you this Saturday the 14.09.2019 at 5 pm.

Your ESN Hamburg team

Saturday, 14 September, 2019 - 17:00