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Hamburger like to call themselves Nordlichter and as a real Nordlicht a visit to the North Sea at low tide should be on your bucket list! We’ll have a guided tour through mud and sand, passing birds, mussels, shells, worms and other sea animals who come to daylight only when the sea releases them. You’ll learn more about the cyclic rise and fall of the sea level and the impact the rise of the oceans is going to have on Germany’s shores. Once the salty air has tired our lungs and legs, we’ll sit down and watch the sea rise again - and we'll have some refreshments to finish off the day before heading back to Hamburg. 
Please make sure to have appropriate clothing - rubber boots / old shoes are essential, we will get VERY muddy and wet (Or just be prepared to go barefoot but there might be sharp shells in the sand...).
Also, shorts or trousers which you can pull up will be very helpful. 
Signing up is a must as we’ll need to buy the train tickets in advance – this also means the event is binding once you submitted your details. Please keep in mind that you’ll be blacklisted if you don’t show up. 
Our guide is offering his service voluntarily, but he will ask you for a donation in the end. The money will be used to support Jordsand, a local association making an effort to protect seabirds and shorebirds as well as to protect the environment of Germany’s shores. So please be prepared to have some cash on your hands. 
Event details: 
Meeting point: Hamburg Hauptbahnhof / Central Station Track 4 - S3 to Buxtehude. Please wait in FRONT as we take the FIRST WAGGON
Meeting Time: Sat. 20th July 08.35am (yes, not kidding.. you can sleep on the train but we'll need to meet up so early to be on time for low tide)
Price: 5€ p.P. for the train tickets plus some cash for our guide & for refreshments, lunch, etc. 
Saturday, 20 July, 2019 - 08:30