The concept of the Buddy Program is quite easy: Students from Hamburg (Buddies) help incoming international students in their first couple of weeks with. e.g. finding the closest supermarket, getting a German SIM card, finding the admissions office at their university,....

It's a great way to make new friends and work on your language skills!  

If you are an international student click here!

If you want to be a Buddy and help exchange students please click here!

Due to organizational trouble, we are a bit late this semester. Nevertheless, we think, it is a good idea, to have a buddy. Since most of you already arrived and made their first steps here, the buddy program will focus on establishing new friendships.

After you registered for the buddy program, either as buddy or as international student, you will be kept up to date concerning further details of the buddy program.


Advantages as an international Student:

  • You get to know local students and create new friendships
  • You get information about what to do next and many tips
  • You get to know an experienced student from Hamburg to tell you how to survive


Advantages as Buddy:

  • You get to know new and interesting exchange students

  •  You get to know another culture

  • You can improve your language skills

  • It's always great to have some friends abroad who you can visit 

  • You can work on your karma by helping others ;)

Monday, 27 March, 2017 to Wednesday, 30 May, 2018