Hi! This is our wonderful team of motivated and open-minded volunteers. We make sure that the international students get to know each other and have a great time here in Hamburg. Curious? Check out our semester program and Join our various awesome events! If you need help or have any questions or problems, you can always ask us!



Hei everyone!

I‘m Sandro and since the WS 2013/14 I’m a part of the ESN-Teams of the TU Harburg. Although I am a HWI-student, I’m not studying at the TU, therefore I thought that I have to support the ESN-department here strongly! I‘ve already been 2x in ERASMUS – both times in Italy. The first time for a semester of studies in Genova, the second time for a stage close to Venice and soon I’ll even leave Germany for a third time to live another semester in Alicante. Due to the fact that in such an unforgettable time I‘ve made so many extraordinary experiences during my ERASMUS, I‘ve decided that I want to help you guys, as a member of the ESN, to also have a great time here in Hamburg!

So, hope to see you at the next ESN-Party! ;-)
Cya! Ciao, ciao


Hola and buenos días,

since I was in Valencia (Spain) for an Erasmus-semester it was for sure that I need to stay and come in contact with international students, as well to help them especially in their first days here in beautiful Hamburg. So I came to the ESN directly after my return 2014.
In my free time I really like to go climbing, running, dancing or go to the seaside for kitesurfing.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!


 Hey, I’m Tiana and I went on Erasmus to wonderful Lund in Sweden. I loved getting to know the people, country and culture. Now I would like to continue meeting international people and trying to make your stay as awesome as it was for me in Sweden. There are many great things to do here in Hamburg. For example making a canoe tour on the Alster or cycling to the Pulvermühlenteich to go swimming.  I’m looking forward to meeting you!!




When I was a high school-exchange student, I made the experience that it is very hard to make local friends. Therefore it is very satisfying for me to help the exchange students, who come here, with getting some German friends. When I am studying for an exam that mostly requires memorizing, I love to put myself in front of the Unilever-building in the Hafen-City. It is a quiet and relaxing place with a great view over the harbor. You can also get ice-cream and coffee at the nearby Langnese-Café.


[is doing one semester erasmus in Valencia]

Hi there, I'm Daisy.
I'm currently doing my Bachelor in Energy and Environmental Technology. In our ESN-Team I'm responsible for organising and hosting city tours for our students as well as visiting groups. Also if there are any odd jobs that require fast actions, I'm your girl. ;)
I didn't know about ESN until the original team gatecrashed a math lecture and lure me with a free dinner. Considering that, I'm a pretty cheap date.^^
I lived a year in England and I'm going for an Erasmus exchange in Spain for half a year. I know how hard it can be to accustom yourself to a new place which is the reason why I like ESN so much. Nearly as much as my hammock...^^
If you like to get to know me just write me! Or call out Daisy, there aren't that many at the TUHH.


Moin Moin!

I am Aida, and I come from Valencia, Spain. I am very happy to have joined ESN recently and get to see the other side of the story! That is, because I was an Erasmus myself in Aachen, Germany, where I finished my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, I stayed to continue my studies in Germany, and I am now in my 2nd. of my IPM Master in Hamburg. My passions include Snowboarding and teaching myself how to play the ukulele. I am looking forward to helping students have an awesome experience abroad! :)


 Moin. I am Lucas.

 I study energy and environmental technologies. I joined ESN in early 2012. In ESN I take care of emails and the management of the club. I try to spend as much time as I can abroad in the ocean, because I love traveling and surfing waves. Here in Hamburg I pass the time with indoor-climbing, cooking a lot, longboarding and a bit of yoga.





Hej! My name is Peter. I am member of the ESN-team at TUHH since 2012. I studied mechanical engineering and continued with energy engineering afterwards.

In 2012 I was one semester abroad in Luleå (north of Sweden). That was the best time of my studies! The guys from ESN there cared for the exchange students excellent. They organized events, trips and excursions and they always had a friendly ear for all the questions we had in the new situation. As member of ESN I want to help you to have a memorable ERASMUS time in Hamburg.

We are glad to welcome you at TUHH and to show you the most beautiful city in the world!


Hej! I'm Katha. I'm studying environmental and energy engineering at the TUHH. During my studies, I realized that I have to go somewhere else and I did the best decision. I decided to do an erasmus semeser in Luleå in Sweden. I'm really thankful for the great organization of the LURC-team there, so that I wanted to give something back. I'm  happy if I can do anything for you and make your stay unforgetable. I'm a big fan of funny games, cooking, watersports, a lot more things and of course beer :)


Hello everyone,
my name is Julian, I'm part of the local ESN-team since the start of 2014 and I'm an energy systems student. I've been traveling a lot, but unfortunately I didn't spend a semester abroad yet. In general I enjoy experiencing new cultures and refining my English even further.
At the moment I'm the one responsible for the German Stammtisch and I generally help if we need additional people. For example if huge supplies of beer need to vanish!
I hope you'll have an awesome time here in Hamburg and I can welcome you at the next Stammtisch!



 Hi altogether,

 One Erasmus-semester and one internship in Madrid have shown me perfectly, what you can learn in another country. My time in Spain was all in all a perfect experience, linguistical, as well as cultural. It was the best that could have happened to me. Even if that time has already passed, I would like to keep participating at least a bit in the international life, but as well as to support foreign students to overcome all challenges to make their Erasmus semester to the best one of their life.